Spring Has Sprung

Some of my spring brides....I'd like to wish them all the very best in health, wealth, and happiness! :-)

Vintage wedding curls on a beautiful bride
vintage waves with a victory roll

Lovely natural bridal hair in Aberdeenshire
beautiful bride

wedding party looking happy and relaxed
bohemian romantic styles

Enchanted Fairy Meets Vintage With A Twist

I'm waiting for my disc of pics but meantime here are some from a shoot I did at Loch Ness Lodge and Spa with Lynne Kennedy, Eileen Solan, Lynsey from Wedding Daze and Lee-Anne Turner....Enchanted Fairy meets Vintage-with-a-twist!!

Bridal Wedding Hair, by Louise Chrystal. Definitely one of my Best Wedding Hairstyles

Best Wedding Hairstyles. I loved doing this Wedding Hair for the photoshoot

Best Wedding Hairstyles and Bridal Wedding Hair by Louise Chrystal

Best Wedding Hairdressers for this lovely Bride.The Bridal Wedding Hair was by Louise Chrystal,

Where Do I Begin with My Wedding Hair

A Natural Wedding Hairstyle on red hair
Image: Sea Of Shoes
In a previous post I told some tricks of the trade to give the illusion of thicker or longer (or both!) hair. 
It is amazing what can be done with hair pads and extensions however the best styles are ones where your hair is enhanced with these, rather than forced, into a style.  
I think this effortless look is what most brides aspire to. Sometimes you just have to be realistic and listen to advice from your stylist  I thought it would be helpful to put up some styles that worked with the hair type. 

If your hair wants to be straight....go with it!  And vice-versa!

A lovely hairstyle
Thick medium length hair

Beautiful occasional hair
Long med-thick hair

Gorgeous Hair
A fringe is a good option for fine/sparse hair , extensions can add length

Spring Weddings

Wedding Hair, Bridal, Bride, Hairstyle
After a little play around with 'Little Photo' here are some pictures of my trials and wedding day styles. I hope they give you some inspiration!  My inspiration for them came from Pinterest boards that I follow, Florence and the Machine and films like 'Land Girls' and 'The Great Gatsby'. Because of the vintage trend, lace is popular and I have seen some beautiful structured gowns with sleek silhouettes so I have been doing dishevelled/relaxed hair as well as some very 'classic' bridal styles.

There are more pictures added to my Gallery and I am waiting on some professional pictures :-)

Thanks to Leanne for the link to her photographs, and to Darren (her photographer) too!  They are really beautiful! Eileen Solan was the MUA and the venue was Achnagairn House.

I love seeing it all come together!

I love hotels so it's a perk of my job to have the opportunity to visit some amazing places! Some venues I have had the pleasure of visiting lately are Drumtochty Castle, Norwood Hall, Achnagairn House, Cortes House, Loch Ness Lodge and Spa and Bauhaus.
I have been welcomed into a lot of lovely homes too which is always a pleasure.

I squeezed in a visit to Glasgow too and as well as indulging in some retail therapy I had my hair cut and styled went to a couple of concerts and enjoyed some people watching!  You can't beat the energy surrounding a big City!  :-)

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Anne Veck Training

I do love a course.  I love gaining new skills, then standing back and saying 'look!! I did that!'.  There is no better feeling than that of achievement.....getting a certificate is even better ;-)
Even while I was studying at school and university, I would still manage to squeeze in an evening class...from pottery to wood work to screenprinting, I have notched up a lot of modules.

The absolute best courses I have attended have been by hairdressers. Small group training workshops are always excellent as they are hands on so you get great feedback on technique as well as watching and learning.  I am always bursting with new ideas to try on my friends, family and clients after these courses! The trade fairs are fantastic too for motivation and a 'heads up' on new products (always exciting).

Sadly, I have worked with people with an entirely different mind set -  'I'm doing fine as I am' - Hmmmm, really???! Their problem is becoming complacent. You must want to invest in your business, surely?! 
It is expensive to do courses. My problem is scaling it down to a couple!! Although training is becoming more accessible with the internet. Online training is a must these days!  I have been with myhairdressers.com since the start!!

My next course is in July with the very wonderful Anne Veck...I cannot wait!!!!!

All this mixed with Pinterest, blogs and Youtube ensure that I am on top of my game....or top of my class! :-)

Photo Shoot