Wedding Hair Inspiration - Cannes hairstyles: Jessica Chastain

This girl worked the red carpet!!

She had an array of styles ALL of which suited her face shape and complimented her gorgeous hair colour. Her hair is long and of a medium thickness so is really versatile, something her stylists used to their (and Jessicas) advantage.
A perfect example of how hair and make up can transform your look day after day.

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Gorgeous conditioned hair

sleek bridal ponytail

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Wedding Hairdresser Vs Wedding Photographer

I really admire wedding photographers. It is incredibly difficult to capture a moment and get the lighting, background, etc. correct in that split second. I am terrible at taking good pictures so I am always very grateful to any photographers who give me some shots from the day for my portfolio...

Bridesmaids in blue dresses getting the bride ready at a wedding
Justin Scobie Photography

Bridesmaids in blue dresses getting ready at a wedding with bride
Justin Scobie Photography

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Wedding Hair Inspiration - Cannes hairstyles: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria always gets it right. Elegant but edgy.

Anyone with thick layered hair should look to her for hair ideas. Her stylist always manages to pull of the dishevelled look without losing the healthy shine of her hair. Again, the styles work with her natural hair type and texture to create these effortless styles.

Catwalk Hair, Wedding Hair Inspiration

Sexy Sleek Inspiration for Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hair Inspiration - Cannes Hairstyles: Diane Kruger

Another celeb event to glean hair inspiration from!  

Cannes film festival 2012.

One of my favourite looks were of Diane Kruger. Her hair is quite fine but her stylist really works with it, without adding in hairpieces, to create effortless styles. They always suit her face shape and accentuate her amazing cheekbones.

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Golden Oldies

I came across this on Vogue UK

It made me laugh as so many people, myself included, imitated these styles with varying degrees of success!  I am quite proud of just how adventurous I was throughout my childhood. Or rather my Mum (my chief hairdresser) was...

Bob, Hairdressing, Hairdresser, Purdy

I had a bowl cut, a page boy, a bob, a pob, a perm, an Jane Birkin, a feather cut, the Jennifer Aniston, a pixie crop, a Mohawk and the short (and I mean short!!) fringe.

Hairstyles that inspired my haircuts from the past

Pob, Posh

Jennifer Aniston, Hairdressing, Hair

And I am still experimenting. Even if I'm not quite as adventurous with my cut, I am still working my colour. It's only hair...what's the worst that can happen?  If it all goes wrong....there is always the Sinead O'Connor.

Shorn haired beauty

Oh wait....think I have done that too!!!

Hollywood Glamour to Soap and Glory!

Hairdressing should always look this good on a  Red Carpet. Hairstyles really can do this for you
The Met Ball 2012. It is the fashion Oscars apparently, and definitely the epitome of Hollywood glamour! I will be suggesting some of these styles to my clients.

From relaxed textured down styles to vintage waves to quiffed updos and slicked back chignons and ponytails. There is so much to choose from. Most importantly the majority of styles complimented the dress. Something I always discuss with my brides.

Closer to home, The Soap Awards showcased some fab red carpet do's too....again 'less is more' worked best!

If you like it then you should have put a ringlet on it

Rude boy hair by a wicked hairdresser. She looks amazing