Anne Veck Hair

Getting excited!

I am really looking forward to training with Anne. She is truly inspirational!

An Insiders View...

Louise Chrystal working on wedding hair for beautiful Indian ceremony
Wedding season is in full swing!

I work with new brides and their bridesmaids every weekend and meet brides-to-be at trials.  I have listened to their conversations and I have to say it makes me feel quite sad sometimes.

'I didn't realise so much was involved', or, 'We hadn't even thought of that', and 'I feel we have to do this because I'm told that everyone does it', feature in most of the conversations.

Getting married is a huge event in everyone's life. It impacts not only on the happy couple but also their friends and family. This is overwhelming enough but then 'the wedding machine' kicks do the arguments.
Writing as a 'wedding supplier', It seems we can really make things complicated. Most brides I speak to find wedding fayres quite overwhelming and intimidating. I must say I agree but having exhibited at a lot of the wedding fairs in Scotland, I have met a lot of really helpful and obliging people who understand the pressures of planning your wedding.
I try not to look around me too much as it is easy to feel that pressure! Instead I like to focus on my clients,especially their hair, and just be creative. I would like to think I provide a calming influence throughout the morning preparations. However, my skills in dressing your hair will be my main focus.

The people I admire most in this field let their work do the talking...

It's All In The Details....

I like fonts.
I would even go as far as saying that I am slightly obsessed with them.  Lucky for me then, that my trusted designer (and very dear friend) is also a self confessed font junkie too!!! The result of a (happy) couple of hours fiddling with fonts, pantones (sheer delight), and layouts can be found at the top of this page.
Gayle designed my business card too.
I hope you like it as much as me!
If you would like to work with Gayle have a look on her page Adore Design

Wedding hair business cards by a wedding stationary designer
Front of card
Wedding company stationary by a wedding design specialist
Print friendly letterhead

I think my cards, correspondence, and blog all work together now.  Thanks Gayle! x