Photo Shoot @ Hamilton Kerr Studio

Just back from a photoshoot (8am to be exact!)

It was one of the most creative, collaborative experiences I have ever had. I must give a huge thanks to all involved. I am sooo chuffed with the shots. Everything - makeup, styling, models, photos and hair were just what I was after. The pics themselves are undergoing a bit of post-production by the uber talented Louise and Kyle from Hamilton Kerr Studio (check out their galleries for excellent examples of their work).
Model, hair, hairdressing, photography, Scotland
Sneak preview!
They will be ready when they are ready, but in the meantime a third, talented photographer Jenny was taking beautiful behind-the-scenes shots. Here is a sneak peek at one of them...

The two models Nicole and Lucinda were great, very confident and natural in front of the camera (and very patient behind it!) Margaret-Anne did a superb job of the various make up looks - professional, confident and very creative. The 10 hours just flew by, but I think we will have some excellent new work for all our portfolios - maybe even competition entries?

Btw, we used Pinterest to collect and share ideas for the shoot (a great way to create collaborative mood boards, which any colleague can add to or share). Here is Nicole and Lucinda's one. If you don't have a pinterest account I highly recommend it for wedding planning, interiors - basically anything creative that needs a "spark" of inspiration. Sign up to receive an  invite to join and then wave goodbye to a large chunk of your evenings!

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Veils and Tiaras

There is nothing else that says 'bride' quite like a veil.  I must confess to having a bit of a love/hate relationship with veils.  This is because most brides opt for the one plonked on their head at their wedding dress fitting usually along with a tiara. Why?? There are so many veil and head-dress options available now that can really personalise your style.

Let me tell you about my personal experience when I was getting married (nearly 10 years ago!!). My sister and I went to a bridal shop and after trying on a couple of wedding dresses, the assistant plonked a veil and tiara on my head.  I must confess that I immediately felt more 'bridal' so I totally understand their seductiveness!! I went to pay for my wedding dress and the shoes, and the veil and tiara were put through at the same time. I left the shop with the whole lot (unusual, I know, but that's another story).

The next few weeks consisted of me trying to work my hair around the veil and (quite frankly, ugly) tiara. I am a hairdresser too!!  I should have known better, but like most brides-to-be I just got swept away with it all in the bridal dress shop. I ended up returning the veil and tiara to the shop where I was aghast to learn that the veil was £300!!! Worse though, was the (ugly) tiara at £85!!! They could not give me a refund and instead issued me with a credit note! At this point I got a stole and a hair slide and returned to work to have my 'growing my hair for my wedding' hairstyle cut into a pixie crop.