Veils and Tiaras

There is nothing else that says 'bride' quite like a veil.  I must confess to having a bit of a love/hate relationship with veils.  This is because most brides opt for the one plonked on their head at their wedding dress fitting usually along with a tiara. Why?? There are so many veil and head-dress options available now that can really personalise your style.

Let me tell you about my personal experience when I was getting married (nearly 10 years ago!!). My sister and I went to a bridal shop and after trying on a couple of wedding dresses, the assistant plonked a veil and tiara on my head.  I must confess that I immediately felt more 'bridal' so I totally understand their seductiveness!! I went to pay for my wedding dress and the shoes, and the veil and tiara were put through at the same time. I left the shop with the whole lot (unusual, I know, but that's another story).

The next few weeks consisted of me trying to work my hair around the veil and (quite frankly, ugly) tiara. I am a hairdresser too!!  I should have known better, but like most brides-to-be I just got swept away with it all in the bridal dress shop. I ended up returning the veil and tiara to the shop where I was aghast to learn that the veil was £300!!! Worse though, was the (ugly) tiara at £85!!! They could not give me a refund and instead issued me with a credit note! At this point I got a stole and a hair slide and returned to work to have my 'growing my hair for my wedding' hairstyle cut into a pixie crop.

Before buying a veil you should imagine how you would like to wear your wedding hair.  If you would like it up then consider if you would require height (a bouff) or piled high like Audrey Hepburn.  These styles can only be accessorised by a veil below the bouff or under the style so the veil can not be worn over your face.

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Bride wedding hair with veil and tiara

If wearing your hair down or half up and down consider the height and volume wanted in your hair along with the material of the veil. A veil works well with these styles but, remember, Cathedral length veils and lace veils can be quite heavy and can flatten your hair and starchy veils can mess up your hair.

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Wedding hair with veil

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Another great style for a veil is a low bridal bun. This can be worn sleek or more tousled at the nape of the neck or can be worn slightly higher up but still below the crown. The veil can be worn high, over your face, or low down, just above the bun. A hairnet will ensure the style stays in place.

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Wedding hair with veil and tiara

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Low Wedding Bun with  Wedding Veil and Tiara

All of the above has to be considered too when wearing a height/hair works better behind the tiara and supports it. If you want more versatility then consider a headband or comb/clip. A tiara instantly makes every hairstyle look 'bridal'. It is a very strong look best avoided if you want a softer, casual style.

Vintage styles are popular and brides are being more adventurous with head-dress looking at birdcage veils, cloches and headbands all of which have been made popular with celebrities like Lily Allen, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss. Check out designers for your own bespoke accessory.

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As I said before, I do love the drama of a veil. It is when they are worn as an afterthought that I struggle with them. Save yourself an expensive mistake and think twice before opting for the one plonked on your head at the wedding dress fitting!!