Celeb Inspiration from the Emmys

Most of my clients arrive for their trial clutching a picture of a celeb at a red carpet event.  It is always a pleasure to keep abreast of these events and see if I can spot any new trends.

Here are my favourites from the Emmy Awards last night.

New Girl, Zooey Deschanel's hair on the red carpet. A side bun and peek-a-boo fringe

Zooey Deschanel wore her hair with some height, a side bun, and a peek a boo fringe to keep it soft and a little retro. 60's hair with a futuristic twist was big on the catwalk for S/S 2013 and last night a lot of celebs were showing how to make runway hair wearable.

Mad Men actress Jessica Pare old school Hollywood glamour with glossy dark hair.

Another catwalk trend that works for the red carpet is the faux bob.  Jessica Pare is reminiscent of old school Hollywood glamour with her glossy dark hair in finger waves and swept off her face. The red lip and earrings finish the look perfectly.

Sexy red haired actress Christina Hendricks at the 2012 Emmy Awards

Christina Hendricks wore her trademark red hair with voluminous waves, brushing out the curls for a slightly disheveled modern glam do.

Dancing with the Stars Actress Julieanne Hough with glamorous finger waves

I loved this quirky retro style! The soft finger waved fringe is very flattering on Julianne Hough and it looks a bit like a flapper style bob. Beautiful!

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt with feminine loose curled hair

Joanne Froggatt looked so pretty with her retro curls, her blonde tones keeping it soft and feminine. This understated elegant style was popular at the Emmys this year.

I found plenty of inspiration here and I'm looking forward to trying some of these styles on my brides-to-be.

Inspiring Runway Hair Spring/Summer 2013

I love London Fashion week! I can't get enough of all the behind the scenes footage. It is inspiring to see the best of the industry at work and with Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, you don't miss a thing! I always look to the runway for inspiration especially as more and more of my clients are requesting a more editorial look.
Here are my favourite looks. I can't wait to experiment a bit with them!

London Fashion Week, LFW, catwalk hair, runway, hairdressing,styling

First up is by Alessio Matta from Sassoon for Jasper Garvida's  Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The top section was pinned up while the sides were slicked back and secured at the crown. The top section was then backcombed and smoothed back with the ends ironed. It gives a 60's shape but with modern texture.

Hair as Art

Nina Khazani, Hair Art. A tie made from human hair. Artists who use hair, body art

I came across this artist, Nina Khazani and I was really blown away by these images.  Her work really does the talking although she has written about her collection...

A hairy tale

I believe that hair inherits power and beauty and is the ultimate garment growing from within us. It is part of our body, and therefore part of our identity, it helps us to differentiate ourselves as individuals yet at the same time it is changeable and detachable. It is beautiful and soft and yet stubborn to work with. It likes to go its own way but so do I. Sometimes the perfect hair seems to last only for a moment. Its always in movement and undergoes various transformations. I gain pleasure of controlling it and transforming it into living objects and jewellery. Through my work I intend to tell stories and evoke emotions by capturing a moment of beauty and making it last longer than a glimpse of time.


Nina Khazani, nude model with high heel shoes made out of human hair

Nina Khazani Art, Naked blonde model with ear rings made out of human hair, Art School, Royal College
Nina Khazani Royal College of Art, Hair Art. Nude models with collars made from human hair

Nina Khazani Artist, Nude model with collar made from red hair

Really impressive stuff! I noticed that the photography is by Madame Peripetie, who is amazing. Her work is also on Behance as well as Tumblr.

Modern Day Marie Antoinette Shoot

Today I received the final image of my second look from my shoot with Hamilton Kerr.

Marie Antoinette Hairstyle, Red Hair, Redhead, Avante Garde, Sexy Hair, Photoshoot Hairstyles, Catwalk Hair

I think it's a really beautiful photograph.

I used the idea of the stylish decadence of eighteenth century aristocrats, like Marie Antoinette, especially their hair. They wore wigs, but I wanted to create these kinds of styles with natural hair.

Margaret-Anne (MUA) and I pinned some pictures to create a mood board for Lucinda. It was great to check this throughout the shoot. I think we stuck to the brief!

I set my models hair into small pin curls, then brushed them out to give a finger wave texture (a technique I mastered at my Anne Veck course). Then I secured some hair pads around the crown area to create the shape and give stability to the style. Then I dressed out the hair to keep the ruffled shape and finished with some shine mist to accentuate the waves and enhance the different colours. Traditionally, wigs were powdered but I prefer the high shine finish as the hair looks healthy and nourished.

For the make up we decided on a luminous finish for the base instead of powdered as it looks fresh and youthful. We used oranges, pinks and corals to reflect the colours of the hair so the overall look is soft and tonal. There's a nod to the make up of that era but with a more current colour palette and finish.

Again the lighting is perfect as it highlights the waves/texture and and makes the gorgeous colours look luminous.  The image is strong but still soft and feminine. Exactly what I was hoping to achieve!

80s Inspired Hair

Here it is! The first finished image from my shoot with Hamilton Kerr Photographic Studio and Gallery

80s inspired hairdressing photoshoot. Model in profile with pale skin and dark lips, Structured hair with a sharp fringe

I am really pleased with it! As I mentioned in my previous post, I created a mood board on Pinterest with my MUA. This was great to refer back to throughout the day, as it is easy to move away from the original brief especially if the aim is to achieve two looks per girl (we managed six styles in total!). In retrospect this was probably a little ambitious as I had no assistant stylist!!

If you look at the board, the strong geometric shape for the hair is there and the coloured make up and lighting provide a retro feel similar to the Grace Jones album covers that I found inspiring.
The aim of the shoot was to produce Avant Garde hair. I really enjoy creating sculptured shapes with hair and creating an 'image' that, although acknowledges certain influences, it is generated from the fresh ideas of a creative team working together.

There were many reasons for choosing to work with Hamilton Kerr. They are professional photographers who are passionate about their work, they have years of experience in doing shoots and they have a fantastic, fully equipped studio to work in. But the main reason I chose Hamilton Kerr to do this shoot is their wealth of experience in fashion photography, in particular, hair shoots.  Louise has a great eye for colour, tone and lighting and this is what really brings all the elements together.

My idea for the hair styles came from doing vintage hair, the victory roll hairstyle in particular. I love the strong silhouette's of these styles and I like how pinning up long hair can look like a short hair cut but then still remain feminine. I used hair pads to created an exaggerated shape and keep tension in the hair so that it would provide a flat surface to allow light to reflect and give depth to the shape. I wanted to keep it contemporary so instead of rolling the hair and sweeping it off the face, as in forties hair styling, I added hair pieces to streamline the outline and cut a heavy fringe to give some movement. I liked how the style had an eighties 'flat top' shape so with the make up we decided to go with very eighties contrasting coloured shadow and blush but make it reflective and dewy to keep it fresh.

This style was emerging on the catwalk and had filtered through from the pastel trend and dip dying hair with pastel colours. At the time of the shoot, MAC released a campaign very similar to the Grace Jones album cover that had been my main inspiration! I knew then, we were on the right track!!

The whole day was fantastic! Everyone worked so hard, and although I really pushed it in terms of the number of images achieved, I feel like we pulled it off!

More to follow...