Modern Day Marie Antoinette Shoot

Today I received the final image of my second look from my shoot with Hamilton Kerr.

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I think it's a really beautiful photograph.

I used the idea of the stylish decadence of eighteenth century aristocrats, like Marie Antoinette, especially their hair. They wore wigs, but I wanted to create these kinds of styles with natural hair.

Margaret-Anne (MUA) and I pinned some pictures to create a mood board for Lucinda. It was great to check this throughout the shoot. I think we stuck to the brief!

I set my models hair into small pin curls, then brushed them out to give a finger wave texture (a technique I mastered at my Anne Veck course). Then I secured some hair pads around the crown area to create the shape and give stability to the style. Then I dressed out the hair to keep the ruffled shape and finished with some shine mist to accentuate the waves and enhance the different colours. Traditionally, wigs were powdered but I prefer the high shine finish as the hair looks healthy and nourished.

For the make up we decided on a luminous finish for the base instead of powdered as it looks fresh and youthful. We used oranges, pinks and corals to reflect the colours of the hair so the overall look is soft and tonal. There's a nod to the make up of that era but with a more current colour palette and finish.

Again the lighting is perfect as it highlights the waves/texture and and makes the gorgeous colours look luminous.  The image is strong but still soft and feminine. Exactly what I was hoping to achieve!