Oscars 2013

My favourites from the Oscars 2013.
Jennifer Lawrence was the clear winner in the hair stakes. I really liked Naomi Watts and Jennifer Garner's hair too. These styles will work well for brides and bridesmaids.


Introducing Rebecca. Such a pretty girl and her first time modelling.

Avant Garde Wedding Hairstyles

vintage wedding hair

Hair @ The Grammys 2013

After the excitement of the BAFTAS, I was all fired up to catch the best of the star studded event across the pond -The Grammys. I caught up with it all over breakfast this morning!

First up is Karlie Kloss with THE style of 2013, a choppy wavy bob. The Victoria's secret model is really working this do and Nicole Richie has even followed in her footsteps and had the chop. I can see why...

Karlie Kloss is wearing her now iconic choppy bob in fingerwaves for a glam style perfect with her stunning gown

Rihanna looked absolutely stunning with a much softer style and hair colour that made her skin glow. While I like her edgey styles, I prefer this more feminine style on her.

Rihanna has beautiful ombre locks styled in big loose waves giving a fabulous high shine finish

Bafta Style

Last night I was in my element. It was a double red carpet event with the BAFTAS and the Grammys! As usual it was a joy to see what everyone was wearing but I was more interested in their hair and make up.

Starting with the BAFTAS, my favourite looks were worn by Jessica Chastain, and Marion Cotillard. Both sleek and glamorous and perfect for a bridal look.

Jessica Chastain has a vintage hollywood style with her red hair set in big waves groomed to perfection

Vintage inspired up do worn by Marion Cotillard, with a sleek finger waves. worn to the side for a modern twist. sleek glossy finish

Another look that really stood out for me was the slicked back style worn by Jennifer Lawrence. This is a look I am keen to try out for a shoot. It is reminiscent of the nineties grunge look, a huge catwalk trend just now. With her flawless skin and stunning couture gown she is the epitome of cool.

My faves from the Golden Globes 2013

Thought I would just quickly post some pics! These are my favourite styles from the Golden Globes and  work perfectly as bridal hairstyles. I have been doing these kind of looks with my brides-to-be recently.

Red Carpet Hair, glamour


It was fantastic working with these lovely ladies! It was a big white wedding in every way. Gorgeous.

Bride looking out window, blonde wedding hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair