Show Reel - ID Artist Programme 2015

The first year ID Artists from the north, Scottish and Irish regions met in Manchester for a 2 day presentation workshop with Simon Shaw.
Simon took us through the principals of presenting live to an audience. We learned how nerves and adrenaline affect us and how to stream that nervous energy in a positive way. 
We also learned how to structure a presentation and deliver the key messages to the audience using our voices and body language to keep the audience engaged.

It was a fantastic opportunity to unite as a team and really focus our thought processes before the ID Live tours.
A huge thanks to Simon Shaw for an insightful couple of days!

5 Minute Hair Up - Sophia Hilton

I love doing hair ups and even though they are what I spend most of my time doing, I feel that I can always learn more. Instagram, You Tube, Periscope, and Pinterest are all great for inspiration but nothing beats a hands on workshop to nail those techniques. It was through Instagram that I discovered Sophia Hilton's work. I love her style so I was delighted to book onto one of her 5 minute hair up courses.
Here is a snapshot of how the day progressed!

To meet Sophia and see her at work is an incredible experience not to be missed! 

ID Artist Programme 2015

It was an amazing opportunity to meet up with all the ID Artists from around the country and embark on an inspirational 2 days of workshops and tutorials. Adam Reed of Percy & Reed started the event by showing us the key trends for A/W 2015 coming through from the runways. The key message coming through was the importance of using plenty of product and keep it pretty.

Steve Rowbottom and Jenny Peltzer of Westrow showcased their interpretations of the key trends coming through with regards to colour and haircuts. The message from Jenny was 'less is more' with colour placement and an interpretation of the punk influence -'my mate cut my hair' - style of cutting was demonstrated by Steve. 

It was a fantastic couple of days of education and I left feeling inspired and excited about the forthcoming ID Artist events!